Borrower Information

Borrowing Periods

Books, audio books, and CDs 21 Days
Books and audio books in high demand 14 Days
Magazines 7 Days
DVDs 7 Days
DVDs (TV Series) 14 Days
Mobile Hotspot 7 Days

21-day and 14-day items items may be renewed three times in person or by phone during library hours if no other patron is waiting for them. Items in high demand may be assigned shorter loan periods with no renewals.

Borrowers in good standing may check out an unlimited number of item.

Registered borrowers may place up to 200 reserves on circulating items in the catalog.

Overdue Fines

25¢ per library business day for adult materials, magazines, audio books, compact discs, DVDs, and videos

$1 per day for hotspots and Interlibrary loan materials

In an effort to reduce barriers and increase access, Community Library will no longer charge overdue fines for Children's and Young Adult (teen) print materials. 


We are committed to increasing reading and literacy and monetary fines present an economic barrier to access of library materials and services.  Many libraries across the country have eliminated fines on children’s books. Those libraries continue to experience prompt return of library materials without the threat of overdue fines. And most importantly, they have witnessed many more children using the library. 

This policy is effective immediately.  All existing unpaid overdue fines on children’s or young adult materials have been forgiven. 

Material Type
Fines are based on material type, not the age of the borrower.  An adult checking out a children’s book for their child would not be assessed an overdue fine.  A parent who uses their child’s card to check out adult materials will be assessed an overdue fine.

Children’s and Young Adult print books and magazines are signified by the following call numbers: 

  • T – Toddler Board Books
  • E – Easy Picture Books
  • R – Reader Books
  • J – Juvenile
  • YA  - Young Adult
  • Magazines (Children’s section) 

Borrowed materials from other libraries
You won’t be charged overdue fines on any children’s and young adult print books or magazines you check out at a Community Library location. That includes children’s and young adult print books or magazines owned by other libraries that you place on hold and have sent to a Community Library location for pickup. You will, however, be responsible for overdue fines when you visit other libraries to check out items, if those libraries charge overdue fines. Children’s and young adult items obtained through Interlibrary Loan will continue to accrue a $1.00 per day late fee. 

Lost or damaged items
Patrons will receive an invoice if items are kept 50 days past their due date.  These items will be considered lost and the patron will be billed for the replacement cost of each outstanding item.  Checkout privileges will be suspended until all materials are returned or paid in full. 

Patrons will be charged a fee for repair or replacement for items that are returned damaged.

Book drops for the return of library materials are located at both Community Library locations.

There is daily delivery between all public libraries in Kenosha County.